Ash's Pikachu
General Information
Home Town Pallet Town
Trainer Ash Ketchum
Species Pikachu
Powers and Abilities
Moves Thunderbolt
Iron Tail
Electro Ball
Quick Attack
First Appearance Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin!
Ash's Pikachu, commonly referred to as Pikachu, is a Pokemon and one of the main characters in the Pokemon the Series XY. It is a male Pikachu (due to it's tail design) and has been traveling with it's trainer, Ash Ketchum, for a long time.


Pikachu commonly plays the role as the "voice of reason" between Pokemon whenever they get into an arguement. Whenever Pikachu is angred or approached by someone new that isn't Ash, it will respond by shocking the person. Netherless, Pikachu is highly reliable and always helps out it's friends.